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Advantages of cooperating with us

Translation agencies that operate on the market have a tendency to emphasize in advertisements and in their web pages high quality and professional level of services rendered in order to gain new clients and as many orders as possible. This is understandable. However, gaudy advertisements or multiplicity of links on their web sites do not necessarily guarantee high quality or reliability. In result we receive quite a lot of orders for proofreading of improperly made translations, which involves additional costs for the client. In many cases is unfit for proofreading and must be translated anew. In thecase of urgent written translation the consequences of the delay may be direful. In the case of oral translation - inadversable.
During years of experiences we have established connections with a considerable number of skilled translators. Our activities are based on cooperation with growing number of regular clients. Our clients give our contact data to their cooperators, thus recommending Trans-Lex as a reliable agency. This also goes to our private customers. This indicates, that our client will not be dissapointed with our services.
We have individual approach to each order. We base the rates on our pricelist. However, in the case of translation works that involve additional costs (particular level of specialization, sophisticated layout of document - if to be preserved, extremely high speed of work) the prices are subject to negotiations.. On the other hand, if the text contains repetitive fragments that need to be translated once and after that only copied and pasted the cost is adequately lower.
Regretably, rules of the translation market force us not to negotiate the prices of interpreting services.
Customers who place regular orders are being granted discounts..

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