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Interpreting - terms of services

- Interpreter's work time starts as sonn as he arrives in the indicated place and ends when he is being relieved
(so-called "availability").

 - Settling unit is a 4-hour block. Eg., if the interpreter worked 1 hour, he would be paid for 4 hours. If 5 hours - calculated as 8-hour work.

 - In the case when interpreter works outside the voivodeship of his residence, he is paid for 2-block workand every hour of his travel time (back and forth) is charged as 50% of 1-hour interpreting time.

 - Every strted 9th and 10th hour of interpreter's work is charged extra 50%. Every started 11th and subsequent hour - extra 100%.

 - Breaks shorter than 2 hours are being regarded as interpreter's work time.

 - Interpreting during sundays or holidays is charged extra 50%.

- Interpreter keeps content of talks or conferences and any related circumstances in strict confidence.

Orders placed by our regular customers can be subject to individual negotiations.

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