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Translations - terms of services


Basic settling unit is one conversion page of translated text comprising 1,500 characters including spaces (estimated in Microsoft Word). In the case of certified translations 1 page = 1,125 characters.

 - Normal rate of translation is 5 pages a day starting from the next day of the date of placing an order, excluding sundays and holidays. Rate of 6-7 pages a day (urgent translation) is charged extra 50%. Express rate is 8 or more pages a day or translation "from day to day". It is charged extra 100% to the basic price of translation at normal rate.

 - We do not charge extra for preserving the arrangement of pages. However, preserving graphic layout of original document (diagrams, pictures, etc.) we charge extra 20% to the basic price. If the layout is so sophisticated that requires extra work, the price is subject to individual negotiations.

 - If ordered documents are similar enough, that preparing subsequent one requires only proofreading and making necessary corrections, second and every susequent document are charged half the price.

 - Translation from one foreign (other than Polish) language to another foreign language is charged extra 50%.

 - In the case of literary translations the prices are subject to individual negotiations.

 - In case the orderer withdraws his order, he is charged for translation made hitherto and the translated part is sent to him.

 - Translated text is handled in format and in a way indicated by the orderer (CD record, e-mail, printout, sent by post or courier)

 - When accepting an order, Translex is obliged to keep content of document ordered to be translated in strict confidentiality.
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