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We render interpreting services in ever subject. On demand we provide high-tech conference equipment (cabins, earphones, microphones kabiny, słuchawki, microphones, audiovisual equipment, sound system, multiphones, etc.). We deliver the equipment and provide professional service of it. We served numerous prestigious international summit conferences, lectures, speeches, top-level talks. Interpreting is being performed by top experts selected from among the flower of interpreters. We provide full range of interpreting services::

- Simultaneous (cabin) translations (combination of various languages is possible);
- Consecutive translations (lectures, speeches, neegotiations, talks);
- Specialistic interpretations;
- Phone talks interpreting;
- Replacement of video soundtracks;
- Interpreting by a sworn translator during meeting sand sessions (eg. shareholders' meeting);
- Interpretaion of sworn translator in notary office (eg. incorporation agreement.).

Our interpreters have big experience. They have a perfect diction and pronounciation, they are concentrated in their work and have attention divisibility at the same time, and have excellent memory (which is important in the case of simultaneous interpreting). During international summit taalks thy are capable of interpreting of statement, that any possible awkwardness is disguised.

Since 15 years there was no complaint regarding our interpreting services.

Interpreting services comply with the ISO 9001:2010 standard.

Trans-Lex 00-020 Warszawa, Szpitalna 1 tel: 0 22 8277101
       0 22 8285649
faks: 0 22 8277685 e-mail: translex@translex.com.pl