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Established in 1991

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Our services include written translations in every subject. Translations are being made by professionals, experts in individual fields of expertise in various languages. In cooperation with top-class experts we translate:

- Specialistic texts
- Documents that neeed to be certified
- We localize programs
- Web pages (translation of WWW pages)
- Literature
- Copywriting
- We make proofreading in different languages

On demand we maintain the layout of document. Eg. - document that has been translated from a PDF document has its graphic layout preserved in Word file. Diagrams, pictures or tables are maintained. The translated text can also be prepared in PDF format. We always observe the agreed deadlines.

In practise there are no complaints concerning our translations. In fact, there were individual complaints, but these concerned using by the customer of specific vocabulary (synonims). In such cases we acknowledge the customer's arguments and we make the expected corrections at our cost.

Translations comply with the ISO 9001:2010 standard.

Trans-Lex 00-020 Warszawa, Szpitalna 1 tel: 0 22 8277101
       0 22 8285649
faks: 0 22 8277685 e-mail: translex@translex.com.pl