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About Trans-Lex

Trans-Lex office, located in the strict center of Warsaw, was established in 1991. Not many translation agencies were active on the market then. Most of them nave been closed till now. However, a considerable number of newly established agencies operate on the market, so competition on the market is very strong.
The secret of our success lies in continuous strengthening of our position of a professional agency. We are very proud that we have been recognized as a reliable company.
In order to translate a written or spoken txt in a professional way, more than a dictionary knowledge of words is needed. It is necessary to care about proper form and style of translated texts. to properly select words adequate to context, knowledge of language nuances and idioms, knowledge of vocabulary that is distinctive in a specific environment. In the case of written translations punctuality is as much important.
During years of our activity we became acquainted with the most skilled and experienced translators from Poland and abroad. The translators we cooperate with are experts in their fields of expertise, they are fluent in their language pairs and are scrupulous about tehe style of translated texts. Interpreter must have predispoditions to his job. He should have a perfect diction, proper pronunciation, quick reflexes, ability to concentrate and attention divisibility at the same time. Each one of them is a licenced translator. We cooperate with translators of the Council of the European Union, members of FIT (International Federation of Translators), EUATC (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies ), STP (Association of Polish Translators). Each translator has many years of eperience in interpreting or translating written texts.
Each translation is performed in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
Professionalism and experience of our translators has been appreciated by our growing in numbers regular customers. They are mainly institutions and big corporations, nevertheless we readily serve private customers. Among our regular customers are leading banks (NBP,
EBOR, BRE, Credit Suisse, DZ Bank, WetsLB, Citybank, FCE Bank), UE offices, OSCE, law offices (Allen & Overy, Gide Loryette, Potworowski & Kinast, PriceaterhouseCoopers), production concerns, publishing houses, leading insurance, pharmaceutical, medical, telecommunication (TP S.A., Netia, Aster City, Orange) companies, Government agencies and departments, aviation (Boeing, PZL Okęcie, Avia Świdnik) and flight (LOT, SwissAir, Lufthansa, British Airlines) companies and mamy other firms and institutions. On demand we can provide you with references.
We fully guarantee the quality of our services and assure full confidentiality of written and oral texts.

Trans-Lex 00-020 Warszawa, Szpitalna 1 tel: 0 22 8277101
       0 22 8285649
faks: 0 22 8277685 e-mail: translex@translex.com.pl