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Established in 1991

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Specialist Translation Agency Trans-Lex - Warsaw, Poland

Welcome to our website. Trans-Lex Warsaw Specialist Translation Agency has been operating since 1991. Our headquarters is located in the heart of Warsaw, and has offices in major cities in Poland. We serve leading Polish companies and representative offices of foreign companies, leading manufacturers, central offices, offices of the European Union, state institutions, financial, legal, medical, banking, publishing. We provide translation and interpretation services, including - certified (see - translator) in all languages. Interpreting - consecutive and simultaneous. We serve prestigious conferences, conversations "on top" of trade negotiations. On request, and audio-visual equipment, simultaneous with full service. Translation Services - a full range - special, legal, banking, medical, technical, manuals, etc.. Translation takes place in three stages:
1) Translating by a specialist.
2) Verification of translation by two people: an independent expert in the language (improvement of written text style) and an expert in the field in terms of the vocabulary used.
3) The final verification - page numbering, spelling, position images, the overall layout.
On request, we retain the full text of graphic design (tables, charts, diagrams, pictures, etc..). Translated text can be sent in any format (doc, pdf, excel, ppt). We also DTP text for publication (InDesign)
We only employ experienced, proven and recognized in the country and in the world of professionals. Translations are in accordance with ISO 9001:2010. For translations we give full guarantee.


Trans-Lex 00-023 Warszawa, Widok 5/7/0 lok. 414 tel: +48 22 8277101 Cell: +48 601221552 e-mail: translex@translex.com.pl